The Outsiders Bio

At July 7, 1996 Bash at the Beach as well as a little history. The Outsiders Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and a mysery partner were to face Sting, Lex Luger, and the Macho Man. The mysery partner turned out to be Hulk Hogan, after a Interview trashing WCW and the WWF the New World Order was founded. The trio quickly added numerous members and has continued to threaten WCW ever since.
At the next pay per view, Hog Wild, the Outsiders (Hall and Nash) took a step up the ladder, defeating Sting and Lex Luger. At Fall Brawl, Hall, Nash, Hogan, and a fake Sting beat Luger, Sting, Flair, and Arn Anderson, furthering the nWo's power in WCW.
Hall and Nash quickly took the tag titles, winning them for the first time at Halloween Havoc '96, where they defeated Harlem Heat, and have now held them several times. They lost the belts twice, first to the Steiners and then to the Giant and Luger. Both times the title were given back to them by Bischoff on the following Nitro.
After a short hiatus by Hall for an unknown reason, though it has been rumored to have been because of drug rehabilitation, Scott came back with Nash and Syxx to form the Wolfpac, which started a feud with Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper with their "Tradition Bites" campaign. The Wolfpac fought Flair, Piper, and Kevin Greene at Slamboree '97, and they somehow lost the match. Hall and Nash came back to whip Flair and Piper's asses at the 1997 Great American Bash less than a month after the defeat.
The Outsiders lost their tag titles to the Steiner Brothers on Monday Nitro, October 13, 1997. They didn't regain them until a Nitro event January 12, 1998, where they beat the Steiners.
Just before Souled Out '98, Hall and Nash lost the titles back to the Steiners on a Nitro. The Outsiders' feud with the Steiners continued until February of 1998, when Scott Steiner joined the nWo and turned on his brother at Superbrawl VIII as the Outsiders won the tag belts back. Hall and Nash started their own nWo tag belts as well as the WCW tag straps around.
But after awhile Hall started to purse the world title and fued with Larry Zybscho. And then Scott, it is rumored, entered rehab for the third time for substance abuse after doing an interview on the March 16th Nitro clearly intoxicatied. During the same hiatus, he went through a divorce, as Bischoff called him "too dangerous for television."
During his time off, the nWo had a split, pitting Hogan and his followers against Nash and Macho Man (the Wolfpac). Scott made his return on May 17, where the unthinkable happened. At the Slamboree '98 pay per view, he and Big Sexy put the belts on the line against the Giant (the newest member of Hollywood's nWo) and Sting. As Nash was about to Jacknife the Giant, Hall nailed him across the back of the head with one of their belts, joining Hogan and ditching the Wolfpac. Giant and Sting became the new tag champs, and the breakup of one of the most dominating tag teams in history was complete.
He was out of action again as he actually did check into a rehab center May 22, 1998. He returned on the July 6 edition of Nitro, in front of nearly 40,000 fans in Atlanta, where he jobbed to Bill Goldberg, who later in the night won the World Title from Hogan. The following week, Hogan blamed Hall for losing the title and challenged him to a match. In the middle of the match, DDP came out to get Hogan. Then came Nash, who offered Scott a spot in the Wolfpac. At first it looked like Hall would accept, but he turned his back on Nash again and regained the favor of Hollywood.
The next week, on the July 20 Nitro, Medium Sexy the Nash Killer joined forces with the Giant to take away the tag team titles from Nash and Sting, officially winning his fourth tag team strap in WCW.
Scott would have a short fued with Nash that turned out to only be one match. Scott won the match after Nash powerbombed him twice and just left.
Eventually Hall got fed up with the nWo and nailed Bischoff on a Nitro. This chain of events ended with him being removed from the nWo on November 22 At World War 3. Hall took his lone wolf gimmick on and tried to win back the trust of one Kevin Nash. In Fact Hall needed a partner to battle the nWo on Nitro and Kevin took the job as the Outsiders reunited for one night only. they won the match but Nash left without saying anything to Scott Hall. After that Hall helped Nash win The World title from Goldberb then on January 4, 1999 The Outsiders Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were reunited as a new nWo with Hogan, Buff, Stiener, and Luger was formed.

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